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Mo Salah's Road To Success

Salah's big journey from starting at nothing to being a big icon is something you will wanna hear about. Not only inspiring but also interesting to find out what it takes to achieve your goals and dreams to their highest potential.


I researched and gathered information on Mo Salah's past to figure out how he made it to where he is now. I also had a look at the clubs he used to play for as they were factors leading up to where he is now. My goal was to research something I'm interested in or care about. Use research questions to guide my search for information. My exhale goal was to create a text that uses strategies and techniques to develop characters and bring them to life.

I am proud of my research plan because it was well organized and I cited sources which makes it reliable and easy to understand. I'm also proud of the visuals in my comic because it's a new skill that I got to improve on.



Where I found information:

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