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My Interpretation of "This Is Water"

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

By Easton H.

I once watched "This is Water" and felt inspired, so here I am to share that insparation with you.

I first watched and annotated "This is Water" by David Foster, I then took what I had learned and created a drawing representing what he had spoken of.

My goals were to investigate a persuasive text and note how the authors choices impacted it. I also had to create a text from a different point of view.

I am very proud of my drawing, especially how the buildings seem to get smaller and smaller without losing too much scale.

This drawing was inspired by "This Is Water" by David Foster Wallace. I think my drawing feels quiet on one side but very loud on the other. To one side it is a bit messy, I think this gives it a clutters vibe and makes it feel like a large city. With this drawing, I am trying to show the "Default Setting" as he explained it on one side, and the other way to look at things that he mainly talked about, this one being more the optimistic view on the world around you.

I chose these colours because I think they represent the theme I was aiming for I put darker and more dreary colours on the left side and on the right I put bright and joyful colours on the other.

On the Outside, I put a blank 3cm border to draw attention to the drawing and to focus on it. I based the drawing around a road that seems to disappear behind the horizon, so everything eventually disappears behind the horizon too.

I have included a lightning bolt on the left side to give it a sense of stress and a cluttered vibe, I also added birds in the sky on the right side to represent peace.

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