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No Going Back on Decisions

you have to make decisions no matter what, but you never know what lies ahead of you. so choose wisely, because after all, you don't know what will happen. Therefore I wrote a children's book about it.


Decisions are made throughout everyone's life. We can not revisit the choices we did not make. That is what shapes one's journey. This was the message Robert Frost conveyed in his famous poem "The Road Not Taken". Which is the text I annotated for my inhale project. With the goal of discovering the topic and theme as well as discovering how literary devices work in the text. To invest in a deeper understanding of the complex poem.

This led me to creating an original children's book for my exhale. To deliver the same message Robert Frost did. However, In an easy way to understand that is also entertaining. To show kids of many ages what impact decisions have.

The thing I am most proud of about my Children's book is how the images correspond with the deliberate text to give children a clear understanding. To share with children an educational way to learn about the topic of decisions.


Video of the Children's book I wrote and illustrated


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