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Interesting Reasons to Like or Dislike 218 in Squid Game.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Do you like Sang Woo from the popular tv show 'Squid Game'? This blog will give you reasons to hate or appreciate Sang Woo.

In my inhale I watched and annotated an episode of squid game. My goal for inhale was to interpret the characters qualities and motivations within the text using strong evidence. My goal for exhale was to convey ones ides and opinions, as well as develop them. I was proud of the detail and effort I put into my script.

Cho Sang Woo (218) - I liked Sang Woo at the start of the show because he helped his friend out and gave Ali money so he could take the bus home. Everything went downhill in the dalgona game because he knew multiple strategies but didn't bother telling his friends.

I personally liked Sang Woo in the night fight part of the show because he teamed up with some friends and reassured Ali that he would be all right. In tug of war he agreed to be on a team with the old guy (1) which I thought was kind. Sang Woo also helped Ali by telling him to hide his hand that was injured as it might make people think he’s weak.

So far in the show he has been an alright person, he’s helped some people but also didn’t take some opportunities to help his friends. At night after the tug of war he talked with Ali and increased their level of friendship by learning about each other. He also teamed up with Ali in the marbles game and told Ali that they would leave squid game together as friends. But then he betrayed Ali in the marbles game by lying to him which made me really frustrated because I liked Ali.

On the glass pane game he was just playing properly until he pushed the guy who could tell the difference between the two glasses off the panel he was on the which made me dislike 218 even more. Later in the show he got in an argument with his friend because his friend didn’t like that Sang Woo killed the guy on the glass game.

Then he killed the girl (067) which made me really start disliking him. In the end Sang Woo tried to kill his friend in the squid game but realized he couldn’t win so he killed himself so his friend (456) could win all the money.

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