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Rhythm Doctor - The Game That Needs Much More Attention

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We have Geometry Dash, Just Shapes and Beats, adofai, guitar hero, and osu, now there's a new game that's coming in the gang.

a doc that's much cleaner than here:

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Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor is a tough-as-nails rhythm game. The main goal of Rhythm Doctor is to save patients’ lives by hitting the spacebar on the seventh beat (not always tho) and avoid missing by reaction or missing the spacebar in general. There are 4 acts (aka parts of the story) that introduce different mechanics in each act. Each act usually has around 8 levels (4-day levels 4-night levels). Night levels are a harder version or completely different story related to the level. Each level gets harder and harder until you smash your computer.

I feel like 4 acts is a bit little for an $18 game. Yes, this game is still under development and probably won't be released officially until 2022.

The game has its own level editor so you can build your own levels or make other people’s levels worse. The editor is also in development. There are many features in the editor, the biggest one being bloom in the VFX preset. You can treat the editor not only to make levels, but you can make animations and even soundtracks from it. The most annoying things in the editor are bugs, and there's a lot of them.

Overall this game is a bit overpriced. It can get boring after a while, but it’s better than hibernating through quarantine. I would recommend this game to those who like rhythm games and those who have titanium headphones.

Gallery: go to the google doc instead of here to load the photos LOL

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