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The Legendary David Hockney

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Artist Statement

I made ‘Wistman Woods’ with David Hockney’s style in mind. I used pencil crayon, watercolour and gouache to paint this piece.

The drawing reminds me of a calm, carefree forest walk since I used bright colours and painted a summer day setting. I took inspiration from it while choosing colours, lines and directions for my strokes. Dots, lines and unblended colours are what makes me think of David Hockney’s art the most, so I made sure to include that.

The viewer was intended to feel some sort of nostalgia and a sense of wonder in this piece. The colours were very effective to achieve this goal. I used bright blues and purples for the shadows, just like David Hockney did. I also tried to focus on warm colours to enhance that vibe. The thing that I wanted to focus on the most was the rocks and moss. Small dotty brush strokes helped me show the direction the moss and trees were growing. I made the background plain so the viewer could focus on the closer objects.

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kirat b :(
kirat b :(
Nov 16, 2021

I loved this project! Keep up the good work !

Nov 22, 2021
Replying to

thank you! your project was so good, i loved it so much!

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