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The Next Episode of Jojo Part 6

Jolyne is sacrificing her life while trying to protect her father from the enemy Pucci


For my inhale, I chose goal(). My topic is about the show Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which is a Anime show that consist of 8 manga seasons to read, and 6 anime season to watch. In my Inhale, I am reading the manga for part 6 and only up to the 12th episode. Jolyne is framed for committing a murder that she had never done and was sentenced to prison for 15 years. She now fights to overcome her challenges within her journey on trying to escape and take revenge on the real murderer.


In my exhale, I choose goal number(). I have created an art piece which is the book cover of my predictions on what would happen in the next episode. The cover contains the sketch I have made with similar art styles from the show and is inside a mildly short video explaining on what the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is, the time line and my predictions for the next episode.

If you want to see the full video, click here

If you want to see the script for the video, click here


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