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The Nurse Who Turned on His Patients

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This is the story of Ben Geen the killer nurse and everything you need to know about him, the case and my opinion of it.


For my inhale i listened and annotated a podcast about the serial killer Ben Geen and his case. I chose goal 4 "Explore texts in genres or forms that are new to you. stretch yourself to choose challenging texts that make you think in a new way. Reflect on your choices, what you've learned about yourself and the world, and how the genre reaches the intended audience" as my inhale for project 1. I am proud of the part at the end i talked about my opinion on the case.



Benjamin Geen was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 1980. Between December 2003 and February 2004, he murdered 2 people and caused bodily harm to 15 others. He was an old nurse who worked at the Horton General Hospital, in Banbury, Oxfordshire. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison in May 2006. He also used to work in the military and he liked working in it.



Ben always liked a challenge and he thought his job was boring, so he decided to spice it up. How did he spice it? He put many people into respiratory arrest by putting them on drugs that weren't safe. He did this because he liked the thrill, the feeling of someone's life being on the line. He would save some of the people he drugged, but not all of them.

In May 2006 he was sent to jail for a 30 year sentence. His first kill, David Onley age 77 was in January 2004, and his second kill, Anthony Bateman age 67 was february 2004. He killed his victims by poisoning. The odd part was when all of these people who would come in with like a broken arm would see Ben Geen within the next 10 mins they would drop to the floor not being able to breathe.

Ben was always there when something like that would happen but he always denied him doing it on purpose and he would just say he is always there because he always would be at work, which is true. Ben always would be at work just waiting for something exciting to happen. But when nothing would happen he would make something happen.

He would give his patients drugs and since Ben was the nurse they had to trust him. The next thing you know the guy who came in with a broken wrist wouldn't be able to breathe.

Ben loved being the hero who saved someone from dying even though he caused them to almost die.



Basically what happened was a nurse went rogue, drugged his patients and brought them on the verge of death and then saved them, And he did all of this just for the kick of it. Although 2 of the patients did not come back to life.

He ended up getting a 30 year sentence, he is still in jail.


My Opinion

In my opinion I think Ben Geen is guilty. He made it very obvious because when it happened it always happened when he was with the patient. And it was not a coincidence after it happened around 15 times. In the end he is guilty and hen is in jail.


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