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Does This Princess Have More To Teach Us?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Is there more that we learn about these characters that help us develop our growth understanding. I can guarantee that you will learn things about these characters that you didn't know before that will shock you.


I watched the movies "The Princess And The Frog" so I could have a deeper understand about the character's. While watching the movies I made sure to use a character sheet to keep note of my observations. My goal was to interpret and explain character's qualities and motivations in a text using purposefully chosen evidence to deepen my understanding. For my exhale I made a podcast talking about the character and breaking them down. My goal for this was to develop and extend my own ideas and opinions.I'm really proud that I chose to put it in my own words instead of read off the paper because I feel like it helped reach my idea better.



More information on the movie :

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