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The Rickroll - How It Started & How It Became The Internets Favorite Meme

This explains how Rick Astley screwed the whole internet over. \/💀

Really, you think this is a rickroll?

I wouldn’t do something like this.

Could it be?

K look, I’m being serious

Rick would copyright this

Oh, you still think this is a rickroll

Look, I’m trustworthy

Lol, read the first letter of each sentence

This link should look familiar. Yeah, it’s the infamous rickroll. It gets you most of the time. But at one point we may have wondered: why was it funny? Who started it? Did rick do something to support or to stop it?

The rickroll was started by a 4channer in 2006. It was named that because a moderator on 4chan thought it was funny to add a word filter that replaces “egg” with “duck”. This meant that if you post something about egg rolls then you get duck rolled. The 4chan user thought it was funny to kill the duck in duck roll and add it into Rick.

I feel like it’s funny because of the intro of the rickroll. You hear upbeat music all of a sudden then you’re like “aw cmon!” because you just got rickrolled. There are also other remakes of the rickroll, like making a rickroll cover for another song (i.e, sonic blaster (ft. Rick Astley)) and they sound just as cool, and please, PLEASE don’t claim those nitro scam links because some of them don’t even scam you, they RICKROLL you. Lmao, imagine falling for nitro scam links >v<

Rick Astley heard of the rickroll during an interview in march 2008. He stated it as “weird”, but he wasn’t performing much lately, but he did find it funny too. Rick appeared on a float in Macy’s thanksgiving day parade in 2008. Rick also surprisingly showed up on one of cartoon network’s shows “Fosters home for imaginary friends”. This made the performance the largest rickroll to date.

My thoughts on rickrolling are pretty straightforward. It is funny, you can pull it off easily (as long as you use an ad-free rickroll, or just find a youtube premium user), it’s harmless (unlike those stupid boiling water pranks), and it can get 9-year-olds mad because they wanted free Robux.

Moral of the story: don't be stupid and just ask your parents if you want robux.

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