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The Second Best Movie I Have Ever Watched Related To Cars Was Ford V Ferrari.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

An in-depth review of the packed film Ford Vs Ferrari, a movie based on true events. You might even be tempted to watch this movie afterward.


I watched Ford V Ferrari and throughout the movie I tried to note the theme of the story. My goal for this project was to explore the topic and theme and reflect on how they are interrelated. My second goal was to create a text that expresses a theme. I am really proud of how I wrote this review and based it on evidence rather than nothing. With the information that I took in, I decided to create an honest review. I hope you consider watching this movie after you read this Review.


The second best movie I have ever watched related to cars was Ford V Ferrari. It was packed with humor, action, and drama. This movie was great for many various reasons.

The first reason is, the display of each character’s characteristics was shown clearly. For example, Ken Miles’s short temper was evident throughout the movie and there were times where he had his flares. The actor Christian Bale who played Ken Miles did really well acting out the racer and he even looked like the real Ken Miles RIP.

Another reason that this movie is considered to be genuinely good is that it was based on a real story. The spotted differences between the movie and the real story are only a few. Some of them being that Henry Ford ll never went with Carrol Shelby in the GT40. Along with Ken Miles being shown to finish the Daytona race but in real life, it was his partner who finished it. There are a few others but these two were the most noticeable.

The last reason it was so worthy of watching is that it conveyed a very influential theme which is perseverance. During the movie, I noticed a lot of times where characters had to persevere through challenges. 1 of the biggest examples is when they lost the first race with the GT40 but Ken Miles took what was wrong, took accountability, and fixed it, therefore, winning the next race. Overall this movie gets an 8/10 and I recommend this for any car enthusiast or movie enthusiast. By the way, my top 1 movie is Fast And The Furious but you have to wait a while for a review on that.

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