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The Spirit of Spirited Away is Never Away - Secret Gems in The Movie

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Easter eggs in the iconic movie spirited away that many seem to have missed, we got it covered. Our podcast focuses on the hidden meanings and references, and the history of Japan. Consisting of three hosts; Angela, Rachel, and Ruth.

Step in the world of anime. Don't forget to enjoy the process with popcorn and soda!

We started by going online and doing some simple research, things such as the history behind the movie, the director (his background story), and a summary of Spirited Away to get a big idea of what made it so popular.

Then we started watching the movie; Rachel, Ruth, and I are all second-time watchers, so we have a general idea of what it's about. We managed to finish the movie in just two class periods. Not only for entertainment purposes, we carefully watched every little detail, annotated and analyzed the movie, and found some interesting points during it.

If you ever watched Spirited Away, you'll know that there are MANY themes. Not only the obvious ones such as greed, love, and identity; but also the less obvious ones like environment and growing up.

We spent most of this project trying to find hidden details within the movie because after all, that's what our podcast is gonna be about.

It wasn't hard since there are still many active members in the Anime/Spirited Away fandom, we went to different sources and found a lot of fascinating facts.

Once we think we had enough information, we moved on to the exhale part—making the actual podcast. We made sure to make a script first and color-coded our lines to make it easier to find what we have to say during the recording.

We used iMovie for the recording part because I figured that it's probably the easiest editing software to use. We also decided last second to make a podcast cover art, which we did in less than one class period using Canva.

The podcast was three minutes long and has very juicy and interesting information, so if you're interested, be sure to check out our podcast—Daily Anime Podcast.

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