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"This Vicious Cure" Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Review of This Vicious Cure a very good and somewhat dark book.

I read This Vicious Cure and annotated for literary devices and how the author used them to enhance the toon and mood. The following is a review of This Vicious Cure with the goal to create a text that extend and develop ideas, opinions and experiences. I think I did a ok job on the annotations.

This Vicious Cure, written by Emily Suvada: a review.

I think "This Vicious Cure" is a very great book and very dark too, also it's impossibly hard to stop once you start reading. I highly suggest reading it. It's very good. Also it is the third and final book of This Mortal Coil Trilogy (read it first if you haven’t).

It is about these two people or one depends on how you see it (they share the same body) Catarina was created by Jun Bei’s father his name is lachlan and he experimented on Jun Bei and 4 other kids (Zarathrusta institution) when they were young also the experiments were highly painful and not voluntary. Lachlan put Cat into a sector of Jun Bei’s brain to stabilize her because she went into a coma after wiping her mind, also Lachlan planned on having Cat ‘disappear” when he wakes Jun Bei up which is quite messed up.

What makes the book even darker is the fact that it takes place in a world where a plague called Hydra is happening, a disease that has no cure and no vaccine. A Hydra victim goes through 2 stages before they die. First stage they get near a hydra cloud without immunity the virus gets into their lungs, then they develop a fever while the virus is wrapping up their cells and preparing for denomination, second stage they start bleeding with pus coming out of them also they starts to stink which activates the wrath in people (the wrath is a instinct or to be more precise the instinct of murder which makes uninfected people want to kill the infected. people can’t control the wrath, it just takes over, sometimes people get caught up in it and never come back killing everyone and anyone they see, those people are called lurkers they are no more than bloodthirsty animals). After the second stage, the infected people blow up into a cloud which infects more people.

The only way to get immunity is eating the flesh of a second stager. Because only one person can control the body and they can't just switch the control Cat is locked in her half of the brain and Jun Bei never tried to get rid of Cat even if it was her body. Cat managed to get into a virtual simulation which allows her to interact with people that have ocular tech and tries to gather all 5 Zarathustra subjects. Meanwhile, Jun Bei tries to save the world by creating a code that can control people’s minds so no wars happen. Jun Bei and Cat both betray their allies in their quest to save the world from the wrath and Hydra.

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