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The Brilliant Thoughts of Anderson L.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The understandings behind Admiral McRaven's "Make Your Bed" speech, but what does it really mean?

Martin Luthor King Jr. Malala. "This is Water". All the speeches that drive hope into the hearts of people. Through studies and observations of Admiral McRaven's "Make Your Bed" grade 8 student Anderson L explored the topic in this powerful speech. The findings of Anderson were illustrated into beautiful bookmarks that now stand on the Room to Breathe page.

The reason behind my exhale started when Ms. Vandertorn showed the class Admiral McRaven's speech, “Make Your Bed”, and I was inspired by it. That became the purpose of my exhale, to share a sense of hope and confidence for people when reading or using one of these bookmarks. I picked four quotes from the Admiral’s speech that in some way or form spoke to me and used those as the phrases on my bookmarks. Then I took some images from the video, mingled them with small related phrases that made the most sense to me and used them to decorate the bookmarks. That is the purpose of my exhale project.

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