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"Twilight" Vampires and Mystique

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Bella is a normal teenage living a normal life. Till she meets a vampire who changes her life completely...

For my inhale, I decided to watch and annotate Catherine Hardwick's Twilight. My inhale goals were to interpret characters' feelings, qualities, and motivations. For my exhale I chose to do a podcast of my review on Twilight. My exhale goal was to emulate the style like the creator. I think I well achieved these goals and proud of my annotations for the movie.

Twilight directed by Catherine Hardwicke, starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, here is all you need to know about the movie.

So starting the antagonists or bad guys we call it, honestly I feel like the moment that we saw James we could just know he was trouble. James is an antagonist in the film; we can all notice that from his actions. The Protagonist in this film, known to be the heroes or good guys, necessarily is Bella, Edward, and his Family. I think this because they all are just trying to protect Bella, knowing that they are protecting the girl that Edward loves most. And Even Though they are vampires and they do eat humans, they do have feelings as well. Bella, I think, is also a protagonist at times probably because she is also protecting Edward from police and the others from his secret.

Let's talk about the plot. So how did Bella find out Edward was a vampire? Well, she first notices Edward’s eyes were changing color, then his super strength, his strong hearing, his paleness, his strange backstory that's when she found out what he was. When Edward found out he wasn't surprised, and maybe Edward had wanted her to find out what he was knowing that he had her trust. But when Bella found out what he was, she didn't run away with fear. She looked a bit afraid but just couldn't move.

The Cullens technically aren't a family, they are just a pack of vampires ran by Carlisle, the leader. But Let's take a look at The Cullen's backstory. Edward had mentioned that he had been 17 for a while, meaning that he got turned at the age of 17. He also mentioned that in 1978, he was in the hospital with the Spanish flu. And his adoptive dad Carlisle Cullen (turned by chasing vampires) he had turned him at the hospital, he also had turned his wife (Esme Cullen), Edward, Rosalie, and Emmet. The other members of the Cullen family were turned by either the three siblings or other vampires they came across.

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