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UP Movie Walkthrough

The movie "UP" from Disney is an amazing story about Russel and his elder friend mister Frederickson they go on awesome and creative adventure dodging obstacles and escaping giant blimps overall i would highly suggest watching this movie with your full attention as it is a great experience. For my inhale i decided to take notes on the movie and try to understand it in the best way I could


Throughout the film, I was struck by Mr. Fredrickson's attitude toward Russell and the other characters, as well as the fact that he didn't appear to want to be there with them.

Mr. Fredrickson's motivations were simple: he wanted to go to Paradise Falls and be alone before he died. However, when Russel entered the movie, he began to influence Mr. Fredrickson's choices and forced them into a different direction, displaying a kind of optimism and an adventurous personality, and he improved the story's interest.

Russel began as a random kid, but as he became a greater part of the plot, everyone in the audience grew to like this young, incredibly cheerful kid, and I believe that his addition to the story made it more compelling.

Russell's need for security was also one of his motivators.

"Helping Elders" badge, and I believe he went along with Mr. Fredrickson despite all of these severe circumstances, and I believe that as a result of this, his character was created and his personality was instantly explained and shown.

For my exhale I made posters for the movie BUT If only had 1 of the characters.

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