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What To Know About Six Of Crows

Updated: Jan 13, 2022


in my inhale I read the extraordinary book six of crow by Leigh Bardugo. in the book I annotated it for character personality traits and traits.


This is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

These are the Characters -

  • Introduction

  • Kaz, the main character, head of the crows,

  • Inej

  • Jesper

  • Nina

  • Wylan

  • Mattias

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

1 slide: introduction - in this movie i will talk about each of the characters in the

Gang individual strengths work together to make the crows

2 slide: Kaz - is the protagonist of the story. He is mysterious and a very “round” character, meaning he has a lot of complex traits. Kaz was forced to live and survive by himself after the death of his brother Jordie. One antagonist who killed Kaz's brother (Pekka Rollins) lied and tricked them. Which drives him to want to have revenge for his brother's death. Kaz had to survive by stealing and cheating, he then got the name dirty hands from the gangs in the barrel. Van Eck, a rich business person offered Kaz a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams but he knows he can't pull it off alone. This is where the Crows come in

Slide 2: Inej - Inej is a dynamic character in this story. She was taken from her home as a young girl; she was desperate to be wanted somewhere when Kaz found her. He taught Inej how to be stilet, deadly, and how to kill. She is known as the Wraith, the deadliest assassin in the Barrel.

Slide 3: Jesper - Jesper is an archetype of this story. He is funny and sarcastic. His dad wanted him to go to college, but Jesper wanted something different. He ended up in the barrel gambling all of his money away when Kaz found him. He joined the crows, because of his ability to shoot his guns.

Slide 4: Nina - Nina is a flat character. She is sarcastic and witty. She is a spy for the Grisha. She is very important to this heist because she is very smart and her powers make it easy to break into places quickly and quietly.

Slide 5: Matthias - Matthias is a bit of a foil character and a flat character. He provides lots of contrast to Kaz and he also can be grumpy and sweet. Matthias was an important person to bring on the heist because the Ice Court was his home and he knew how to get in and out of it.

Slide 6: Wylan - Wylan is a round character because he has many complex traits. He is very kind, smart, but can also be sad and lonely. Wylan is an essential person in this heist because Van Eck (the rich business person who offers Kaz a treasure if he can accomplish the heist) is his dad! Wylan lacks loyalty to his father because when he was younger Wylan couldn't read and his dad was ashamed of him. His dad then kicked him out. Wylan is a valuable member of the crows because he is good at making bombs.

Altogether these people are the crows!

Click here to read more about the attention-grabbing story six of crows!

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