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Do Cat Feel Affections For Their Humans and Why You Get a Cat

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Cats may appear cold and distant but they are very cute and loyal creatures and actually care about you, I know it's surprisings. So knowing that here are the reasons why you should get a cat.

I watched a speech about war and another about freedom and equality to investigate a persuasive text like a review, speech or advertisement notice persuasion and choices the creator made. Below is my attempt at getting you to adopt a floofy companion goals are to create a text that uses strategies and techniques to build out purpose and address audience.

Some people think cats do not care about their owners but this cannot be further from the truth, cats do feel affection for their humans and enjoys the presence of humans.

Cats are very cute and floofy creatures they make for excellent companions because they are cuddly and won’t demand your attention likes dogs do. Dogs are still cute though.

Cats are the type that sit on your lap while you read and watch you eat. Also, they will sleep on your blankets if you allow it. Cats are very clean creatures that lick themselves and use the litterbox because in the wild they bury their waste so predators won’t smell it.

You just have to scoop the litter daily - very easy and quick. Cats don’t need to be walked so no going outside on cold winter days.

There are many types of cats for many people, like energetic cats for people with lots of time to play and a big safe space for it.

There are very long haired cats if their fur were placed end to end it would go on for roughly 320km and they require lots of care and time.

There are very independent cats that you don’t have to cuddle, also there are cats that act more like dogs - highly loyal and will go for walks. Cats are cute.

Cats bring unconditional love and companionship and reduce stress. They are also very low maintenance. Also there are just those cute moments like when your cat steals your Q-tips or when they were in the middle of chewing on your shoes and looks up as you enter.

Also there are very awesome cats in shelters that deserve a loving home so please get a cat. You won’t regret it. Also if you want to get a cat, please consider visiting a shelter.

photo from national geographic

photo from purina

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