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Is Ice Cream Good or Bad?

It really depends on what you think of ice cream by reading this.

I wrote a new letter about ice cream saying if iit'stit'ss good or bad.

By: Larissa

Most people increase the risk of Ice cream is not good or bad, Can you eat ice cream?

chronic condition over time, but it can boost your mood. If Eat all the ice cream, but according to, your feeling blue or sad, it's better as an

Maya clinic care network. Across the eating ice cream can make occasional treat. Eating

planet that, according to a statistic, you feel better. The thing. a lot of no-sugar-added

29 1.09 million Americans consumed that could be bad that is frozen pops or banana

ice cream and sherbet in 2020 you're eating more because ice cream is good too.

"But devouring triple-scoop of having the blues.

cone with extra toppings for exceeds

the daily recommendations for added

sugar (25 grams for woman's

and 36 grams for men) and could

send you on a blood sugar roller

coaster ride," said the Baton Rouge

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